Lady in red

Technique: Acrylic on canvas
Dimensions: 125x95 cm

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In the vibrant painting, a fantastical scene unfolds with a woman dressed in red at the center. Her serene, pale face tilts slightly upwards, her eyes closed and lips painted red, mirroring the color of her attire. Her hair flows into a surreal cascade that transforms into a lively array of lemon-yellow leaves against a vivid turquoise backdrop, where whimsical white boats sail amid gentle waves.The world around her bursts with energetic colors and structures— a chaotic yet harmonious cityscape rendered in deep blues, greens, and splashes of red dominates the lower half of the canvas. Buildings of varied architectural styles and sizes are depicted, some resembling faces or having windows that look like eyes, enhancing the scene's dreamlike quality.Between the organic and the urban, numerous small, vivid details—like hanging lamps, flowing tendrils, and floating musical notes—add layers of complexity. These elements suggest a blend of motion and stillness, fantasy and reality, weaving together a narrative that seems both personal and universal. The entire composition pulses with life, hinting at stories nestled in every corner, waiting to be discovered and interpreted.


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Painting in the interior

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I think of my art as a playful interconnection between nature, people, their lifestyles, in general everything that is happening around me daily. I express it through stylized botanical fragments, details of the buildings, my own and others' habits, characters, routines, their joys and worries… At the same time combining the story and colour contrast in a playful manner.

Humour plays a big part in my art. I am trying simply to bring you to a bizarre, funny childlike yet not childish feeling, where you can also find space for your interpretation.

There's nothing logical to my art - I don't restrain myself with rules or predetermined colour palettes. I create as I go, in the moment and all paintings are born organically.

In the end, it’s all interconnected, one would not exist without the other. My painting is like one big story created from many smaller ones, it's just like life is.

By using different media, such as acrylic paint, markers, watercolours, and polychromos pencils I am bringing my work to a sharp, vivid finish. Most of the time my first raw ideas appear in a sketchbook, which I continuously work on. Sketchbook - is my type of treasure.

During the creative process, new ideas and concepts arise, leading me towards further research and development. I do not know what end result will look like, it is an unpredictable journey, full of quirky and colourful surprises.


Ausrine Kuze is an artist originally from Lithuania. She has drawn ever since childhood and it has been a lifelong passion. At an early age, Kuze finished art school where she gained basic knowledge in various artistic fields such as composition, sculpture, drawing, painting and art history.  When eventually pursued studying art at the third level in 2010 she graduated from Art Academy with a Bachelor's degree in Glasswork studies and moved to Dublin where later she studied illustration at Ballyfermot College of Further Education for one year. After nine years of studies in various fields of art, it was clear that the path Kuze had chosen was dedicated to painting. All previous experiences were a result of today’s Kuzes style which was strongly influenced by glass and illustration studies.

Ausrine Kuze is an international fine artist and illustrator working in traditional media. She has created work for exhibitions across Ireland, Lithuania and Germany and ongoing gallery work.

Her work found a home in many private collections throughout Ireland, Lithuania, Slovakia, Poland, Spain, Netherlands, Germany, UK and Australia.