Falling asleep during fairytale reading

Technique: Pastels on paper
Dimensions: 36x31 cm
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The painting portrays a mystical landscape framed by long, flowing willow-like forms that appear almost curtain-like, enveloping the scene in shades of purple and grey. These forms evoke a feeling of gentle motion, perhaps symbolizing the soft, cascading words of a storytelling voice. At the center, a brighter, warm yellow light outlines what seems to be a pathway or a split, leading down into an illuminated area resembling the gentle glow of a lantern or a mystical gateway. This pathway meanders into the distance, winding through darker grass-covered grounds under a tranquil dusk or dawn sky. The pathway suggests a journey or adventure akin to the twists and turns of a fairy tale plot, inviting one into the depths of an imagined realm created just before falling asleep.


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I have lots of questions for myself, you, our world, and universe…

As long as I can remember myself I have been painting or drawing, drawing or paining. I am fortunate to discover everything I am dreaming of on my way, so I happily walk, race, act and search. I still have not got answers for questions I care about, so I keep dreaming, improvising, experimenting and creating with curiosity.

Although I have a vivid imagination, I can’t tell where all creative images and ideas are coming from. And this is one of the questions that remains unanswered. What if that they are not even my ideas, but your fantasies lost in my head? If you happen to find your image among my creative quests, please feel free to keep it. 

I wish everybody to feel happy wherever you are!