Pineapple - Basketball Fan

Technique: Photography, limited edition (50 pcs.) giclee printing on Photo Rag Bright White 310 gsm paper
Dimensions: 29,7x21 cm
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This painting features a whimsical and creative amalgamation, transforming a typical pineapple into a stylized basketball. The body of the pineapple mimics the textured, orange surface of a basketball, complete with the sport's iconic black lines forming the recognizable pattern. The crown of the pineapple still maintains its natural, spikey green leaves, which interestingly resemble the dynamic motion often seen in flames, adding an element of energy and enthusiasm that one might associate with a passionate basketball fan. The use of vibrant colors and the playful merger of the edible fruit with a sports theme showcases a lively and imaginative artistic expression.


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My way to making art prints started when I got interested in stop motion animation. For my own pleasure I edited a few short videos and decided that the result can be not only moving frames, but the picture itself.

I like to use simple everyday objects, food. Paint them how I want.

I create, because I like the process. I do it with my own skills, with no degree in arts.

I accomplish my ideas practically, so my works are natural, without digital graphics.

My work also can be found by the name Vytautomi.

Photography, limited edition (50 pcs.) giclee printing on Photo Rag Bright White 310 gsm paper

29,7x21 cm


Photography, limited edition (50 pcs.) giclee printing on Photo Rag Bright White 310 gsm paper

29,7x21 cm