Triptych from the series "Dancing - a drop of milk"

Technique: Mixed technique on canvas
Dimensions: 200x270 cm

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The painting is a vivid triptych featuring three panels filled with dynamic and swirling movements expressed through bold and fluid brushstrokes. In each panel, a figure engages with a round, flat surface that could suggest a dancefloor or platform, upon which they appear to be either balancing or performing.In the left panel, the dominant colors are ice blue and white, overlaid with splashes of bright pink and muted teal. The figure is bent at the waist, arms extended downward, touching the edge of the platform. The stance suggests an action frozen in time, perhaps in the midst of a dance or acrobatic maneuver.The center panel is more intense, with deep reds and chaotic lines forming a whirl of activity around the figure. Here, the figure stretches in a dramatic backbend over the platform, one arm reaching upward as if pushing against unseen forces, the other grasping the edge. Surrounding the figure are numerous abstract shapes and symbols, including spirals and heart-like forms, lending a sense of passion or turmoil.In the right panel, muted grays and silvers form the background, with sharp contrasts of hot pink and soft yellows creating a sense of depth and motion. The figure mirrors the pose in the first panel but is inverted, with the head pointed downward and legs extending skyward, suggesting a dynamic, gravity-defying movement.Throughout all panels, there appears to be a recurring theme of fluidity and transformation, with the figures and their environment merging in a dance of color and form. The use of textured layers and energetic lines conveys a sense of rhythmic motion, possibly exploring themes of dance, balance, and the interplay between structure and spontaneity.


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The metaphor of the human-machine transformer intertwines with spirituality in Tručiluskas' work. Spirituality appears in various symbolic forms, for example, through portraits of the Buddha, the Christ, the figure of the holy family, and the depiction of ritual wheels on which one sits or dances.

Focusing his attention on man and his philosophical depths, the artist continues his depiction of children, adolescents and young people (often in the form of a girl or a girl) in the paintings of the new exhibition. This figurative choice also serves as a kind of metaphor for duality, inner vitality, life and energy. Despite the passage of years and social strata, human existence remains identical and ambiguous, doomed to an eternal oscillation between chaos and calm, mud and purity, the romanticism and tragedy of life.

The artist's paintings are full of "effects" of psychedelic (and thus reflecting the subconscious) art - colourful, undulating, pulsating lines are combined into optical elements, often playing with the viewer's attention. Contexts, as if in a kaleidoscopic secret, are both hidden and unexpectedly revealed.

And the gentle gesture of the hand, the tilt of the profile at a specific angle, the gaze and smile, the rocking of the figures can indirectly (or very directly) suggest inspirations from the works of historical artists - Diego Velasquez, Raphael, Salvador Dali and others. Small motifs and characters, transformed in a new way in T. Tručiluskas' paintings, become a kind of bridge, a triumph over time and space, reflecting archetypal consciousness.

T. Tručilauskas started his creative path in 2017, having graduated as a painter from the Vilnius Academy of Arts. Since then, his work has been presented at various exhibitions in Lithuania and twice at the international Art Vilnius fair. In 2019, the artist was one of the finalists of the Young Painter Prize, added to the collection of the Lewben Art Foundation, and in 2021, two of his works were sold at the Vilnius auction for the MO Museum.

The text was written by art historian Kamilė Pirštelytė Virbičianskė.

Young And Talented - Rising Stars

Young And Talented - Rising Stars