Forest 6

Technique: Ryžinis popierius, tušas, akvarelė
Dimensions: 34x34 cm
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The painting features an abstract, somewhat fantastical creature that bears similarities to a bird. Its body is curvaceous and decorated with various specks and patterns in shades of gray and black, interspersed with small details in red. The creature's head is elongated with a sharp, pointy beak, and its eyes are prominent, which gives it a vigilant expression. It has an extravagant array of elongated feathers or quills that burst out dramatically from around its neck and back. These feathers are ink-black with delicate details that suggest fine, hair-like structures.The background consists of a textured, mottled turquoise and white surface, resembling the light filtering through a canopy of leaves or ripples on the surface of water. There are splashes and blobs of darker blue and black ink that contribute to a sense of depth and movement within the composition, possibly evoking the creature's habitat or environment. The overall impression is one of vibrant life and mysterious beauty, almost as if the creature is emerging from or interacting with the elemental aspects of its surroundings.


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"I spent 7 years learning the Japanese and Chinese painting techniques of seji and gombi on rice paper.
This technique, seji, still fascinates me (my favourite) because of its subtlety. Once you touch the sheet, you can't change anything, if you don't get it, you take a new sheet... and again, from the beginning... Delicate, fragile explorations and discoveries...

Other favourite areas of creativity do not let go: ceramics/sculpture, textiles, Earth Art," shares the artist.

Jūratė, although she has mastered drawing, picks up a brush and allows herself to improvise, to play with the expression of the brushstroke, and notice how it is alive, it meanders, it twists, it flattens out, it widens again. Often she adds smaller details, and lately she has been introducing more and more colours, but they are natural and used in moderation. This delicate technique resonates beautifully with fragile, delicate natural motifs.

Studio :

1977 Vilnius College, Faculty of Pedagogy
1984 Kaunas School of Applied Arts, specialisation as a decorator - decorator
2007 Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts, specialisation in ceramics
2014 VŽDC - hairdresser specialisation
2017 VDA , Art Therapy
2018 m. Moscow Institute of Positive Technologies. Art Therapy methods

Since 1999 participated in more than 180 different exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad, held 24 solo exhibitions.

Lithuanian Artists’ Association Member

Lithuanian Artists’ Association Member

This artist was acknowledged by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania

This artist was acknowledged by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania