In the Forest

Technique: Aliejus, akriliniai markeriai, drobė
Dimensions: 60x60 cm
Year of creation: 2023

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The painting depicts an abstract forest scene, vibrant with chromatic contrasts. At the highest section, vertical strokes in a spectrum of whites, blacks, grays, and strokes of pale pink suggest a dense cluster of trees. Their trunks, marked with darker colors, stand stark against lighter, seemingly reflective spaces that might imply a water body or wetland.These forest elements dissolve into an expansive center, where blots of green, mustard yellow, and hints of pink stretch horizontally, mingling dreamily to form what appears to be a clearing or perhaps a reflection of the overhanging foliage on water. The colors are vivid, almost ethereal, fusing a sense of mystery with the natural landscape.The lower section of the canvas becomes darker, dominated by deep black and gray, interrupted by aggressive, swift horizontal strokes. This segment could be interpreting the shadowy, mirrored surface of water or a continuation of the dense underbrush. The entire composition is lively yet puzzling, pulling the observer into a contemplative exploration of color and texture that both hints at and hides its forested subject.


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Painting in the interior

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I am the young generation artist and painter with BA and MA degrees from Vilnius Academy of Arts (painting department). Both of my grandparents were artists, so from a very young age they encouraged the development of my creative abilities and interest in arts.

While studying at the Academy of Arts, I began exploring issues of human fragility and transience. I was highly interested in the existential experiences of the individual and the meaning of seemingly unremarkable moments of everyday life. This is how the bright winter landscapes and nature motifs dissolving in white canvas came into being. They are like an allusion to the fragile human life that disappears like snow or shadow. Later on, the concept of time and the difficulties posed by the fast pace of modern life began to emerge in my artworks.

In my paintings, I try to convey a unique way of seeing and feeling my world, which often comes from an inner longing and a desire to stop time, to breathe, to observe and reflect on the environment around us. I am on a constant journey of exploration, experimentation and new tests, which is why my work varies from one style to another. Since 2019 I have been participating in group and solo exhibitions, as well as in art competitions and projects.

Creative biography:

2017 Group exhibition "Reformation", gallery Krematorium, (Vilnius).

2018 Group exhibition of VDA students' in Panemune Castle.

2019 Personal exhibition "INFINITIES", VDA gallery Akademija, (Vilnius).

2019 Personal exhibition "(In)visible", Vilnius Christian Gymnasium.

2020 Personal exhibition "Marking", gallery "Kalnas", (Vilnius).

2020 Personal exhibition "Respite", gallery "Skaptukas", (Ignalina).

2021 Group exhibition "Intrusion", VU Geological Museum.

2022 Group exhibition "Limits", gallery "Ramybė" (Palanga).

2023 Personal exhibition "Someday", Elektrėnai Culture Center.

2023 Personal exhibition "Išsiplanavimai", "K29" business center, (Vilnius).