Ocean Eye

Technique: Oil and acrylic on canvas
Dimensions: 100x80 cm
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The painting portrays an abstract seascape, seemingly viewed through a surreal, organic lens. Dominated by soft hues of blue and purple, the canvas is infused with elements that resemble underwater organisms or elements found in a vibrant coral reef. A prominent, eye-like shape in an ethereal grey-blue occupies much of the space, resembling an opening or an abyss into the ocean's depth. Inside this "eye," a delicate, shell-like form floats near the center, tinted in shades of lavender and teal, suggesting a mystical presence or living entity in the oceanic realm. Surrounding this central motif are various orb-like structures tinted in ochres, ambers, and golden yellows, possibly representing bubbles or marine flora. These circular forms cluster at the top, adding a texture of effervescence to the scene. Linear and drip-like white streaks descend vertically, evoking a sense of water streaming downwards or light filtering through water. The overall composition balances the fluidity and mystery of underwater life with a dreamlike quality, inviting the viewer to delve into an interpretation of oceanic wonders and ethereal depths.


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Painting in the interior

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There is a lot of me in each painting. It‘s like a flowing dance of heavy brushstrokes and rich colours on canvas. 

Abstract painting is fascinating by it‘s magical character: every single time observing the same painting you might discover fresh images and new emotions missed before. Abstraction boosts imagination, encourages creativity.

I like to be uninhibited when I paint, so I'm at my best when it comes to large format works, where I pour my emotions onto the canvas. I like to use acrylics and oil paints. I also use unconventional painting tools, usually found in the building material shops or in the kitchen drawers and cupboards.  I apply a thick layer of paint, which gives paintings tecture that you want to touch. 

The paintings are dominated by bright and pure colours. These are paintings for adventurous art lovers.