Soap - Bubble

Linas Grybė
Technique: Pastels on cardboard
Dimensions: 24x21 cm
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I will begin with a few words about me. I experienced an eye injury a few years ago. Doctor told me - due to that the pigment of an eye had been scattered. In the bright light, I started seeing rainbow colored halos around every single object. The blue was so bright that it could even hurt. Everything sparkled, glistened, and excited me. My eye has already healed up, but my experiences encouraged me to study colors and perception of them.

Humans rely on vision to receive about 90% of information about their surroundings. The cones which are in the retina of an eye are capable of discrimination of up to 10 million of hues which, in turn, evoke different mental states, memories and associations. It explains why 40 million years ago our ancestors collected charcoal, ochre, and hematite and used them to paint on the walls of the cave of Altamira, Spain. It is the same reason, why Roman emperors valued the pigment of purple clams a lot more than gold, and why Lithuanians use a few tens of words to describe the color of a brown horse.

People are constantly attempting to classify and generalize the effect of colors. Specialists use chromotherapy, color meditation, and lithotherapy to treat patients. Although general tendencies have been noticed, the interpretations are very different and controversial. The blue is perceived as a conservative color, but is it sea blue, royal blue, midnight blue, or a forget-me-not blue? What is its lightness, richness, and how is it transformed by the light? Color perception will always remain individual for everyone. According to feng shui, there are no bad or good colors there are only colors which are bad or good for certain people and certain environment. I pour my emotions, feelings, and thoughts on the canvas. I deliberately disregard the tonal perspective so the distance would not take away from the colors. I paint colorful fruits, flowers, and the eyes that see them all.