Technique: Acrylic, oil, canvas
Dimensions: 80x140 cm

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The painting presents a vibrant and texturally complex composition, characterized by its deep oranges and reds set against a dark, brick-like background. At the center dominates an abstract, mask-like form with large, gaping eye sockets and a central, rounded feature that might represent a nose or a mouth, giving it a tribal or ancient artifact appearance. Surrounding the central figure are abstract splashes and patterns of yellows and greens, suggesting motion or transformation. The overarching theme feels both primitive and mysterious, evocative of ancient wall carvings or ritualistic symbols.Decorating the borders are lines of text in caps, possibly lithographically integrated into the design, blending with geometric bands and border decorations that resemble digital or tapestry motifs, adding a layer of modern contrast to the otherwise archaic visual elements. This juxtaposition of old and new invites viewers to interpret the piece as a bridge between past cultures and present technologies, laden with messages or codes to be deciphered.


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Painting in the interior

1cm = 14,5cm

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Danas Andriulionis ( 25 th November, 1951) - painter, member of Lithuanian Artists' Association. He studied in Pakruojis, graduated Rokiškis T. Vaižganto school, 1975 - studied architecture), 1979 - finished the Vilnius Art Academy Klaipeda visual design faculty (art designer specialty). Since 2001 - the painting teacher of composition.

He is an artist with a distinctive manner, distinguished by his painting technique, content and ideas. The subject matter is also important in his work. In other words, the artist tries to philosophically convey the theme of the painting on the canvas, interpreting it in his own way. He is like a sorcerer, using knowledge of cosmology and symbols to immerse the viewer in the mystical space of his paintings. The painter's works make sense of and react emotionally to the events taking place on our planet, he does not remain indifferent to the forces that are destroying our society or, on the contrary, he draws attention to the principles of harmony, to the strings of the world that connect the creation. All this is intertwined with the signs of Baltic mythology, runes or oriental mandalas.

Attended by more than 300 exhibitions and projects (since 1992). He held more than 60 personal exhibitions. Joint exhibition with prominent Lithuanian and foreign artists in France (1992), Denmark (2000), USA (2002), Hungary (2003), Sweden (2005), Finland (2005), Russia (2006), Poland (2006), Latvia (2007), Spain (2008). International exhibitions: Klaipeda Art Exhibition Hall and Baroti Gallery (2001, 2005), "Baptism in the art" (Klaipeda, 2002, 2003), "Quo Vadis" (Budapest, Hungary, 2003), plein air and exhibition Vilius Orvydai court 2005), "Signs of the Time" (Klaipeda, 2006), "Christmas exhibition" (Klaipeda, 2006), plein air and the exhibition "Small Lithuania paintings garden (Bitėnai, Šilutės r., 2006), Mega Plaza (Klaipeda, 2007), V world Samogitians exhibition (Plunge, 2007); Project "Aquarium" (Klaipeda, 2001), "04 year horizon" (Klaipeda, 2005), "Wind and Sea "(Stockholm, Sweden, 2005), "Flight Stroke" (Klaipeda, 2008) participant. The Republic of Lithuania granted the status of art creator (2005). He was awarded more than 40 letters of appreciation and prizes. Realization of the scenography 4 performances. The book "On The Wings of Music" co-author (2008). Actively involved in Klaipeda and Lithuania creative life. At this time the member of painters "Individualists" group.

Lithuanian Artists’ Association Member

Lithuanian Artists’ Association Member

This artist was acknowledged by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania

This artist was acknowledged by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania