Technique: Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 70x120 cm

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This painting, titled "Sea" by Leonardas Černiauskas, is a vibrant and expressive representation of a seascape. The artwork showcases a dynamic range of colors and textures, strongly suggesting the motion and energy of the sea and sky.Key characteristics of the painting include: 1. **Color Palette**: The predominant use of blues and whites highlights the sea and sky, but there are also rich greens, yellows, and reds at the lower part of the painting that add depth and complexity. These bright, contrasting colors near the shoreline might suggest flora or the interplay of light on wet surfaces.2. **Texture and Technique**: Černiauskas employs thick, impasto techniques where paint is applied in thick layers, giving the painting a highly textured appearance. This adds a tactile quality to the work, making the water and clouds seem almost tangible.3. **Composition**: The horizon is clearly delineated, separating the tumultuous sky above from the vibrant sea below. The painting's upper part is dominated by swirling skies, possibly depicting a storm or strong winds.4. **Emotional Impact**: There's a dynamic, almost tumultuous emotion conveyed through the heavy brushstrokes and the bold use of color contrasts. This can evoke feelings of awe or the sublime in nature, reflecting the uncontrollable power of the sea.This painting could be seen as a modern, abstract interpretation of traditional seascape themes, focusing on the emotional and sensory experiences of the sea rather than a realistic portrayal. The style suggests a blend of abstraction and expressionism, aimed at capturing the essence and mood of the sea more than its precise visual details.


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Leonardas Černiauskas is an artist with a distinctive painting style.

Looking at Leonardas Černiauskas's works, one has two feelings - on the one hand, the image is familiar, very much one's own, but at the same time, it seems strange, surprising. On the one hand, you see a Lithuanian rural landscape, so familiar and as if bored, but longed for after a long journey, and on the other hand, you see expressive brushstrokes on the canvas, and one bright colour spot next to another even brighter one.

Whatever else, one cannot accuse Leonards Černiauskas of being boring. It is not surprising that the author likes autumn best, when the flaming leaves of the trees contrast with the blue of the sky, but for him, the  winter is far from grey and murky - the snow is painted with all kinds of reflections, and the clouds are broken by the sun's rays. The brushstrokes are bold, energetic and purposeful, the contrasting colour combinations burst with life and temperament, and our tranquil Lithuanian landscapes look as spectacular as the exotic lands of the South.

Leonardas Černiauskas' paintings are in private collections in Lithuania, Europe and the USA. In Žemaitija National Park, in the former water mill of Count Suazelis, he established his "Art Gallery...- Workshop", where he currently lives and works.

The artist has held about 85 solo exhibitions of his paintings.
He belongs to the Žemaitija Artists' Union and is the head of the Plungė professional artists' group "3+".