Goddess of Nature

Technique: Pencil on paper
Dimensions: 20x14 cm
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The painting depicts a surreal and mystical figure that merges human and animal elements, creating a powerful image of nature's deity. The character has the body of a human female, finely drawn with subtle anatomical details that emphasize a gentle yet strong form. She is sitting with her knees bent and feet folded beneath her, embodying a meditative or serene pose.The most striking feature is her head, which is replaced by the skull of a deer with large, branching antlers, suggesting a deep connection with wildlife and the forest. The skull’s texture and the detailed depiction of the antlers add an intense, rustic quality to her overall presence.In one of her hands, she gently holds a small plant growing in a pot, symbolizing perhaps the nurturing aspect of nature, or growth under her care. The background is minimal, featuring the faint outline of tall, straight trees that enhance the feeling of being deep within a serene forest. The entire composition is rendered in pencil, giving it a soft, ethereal quality that complements its mystical theme.


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From an early age, I could not imagine a life without arts - it was like a kind of getaway, a meditation that allowed me to express myself, to convey various emotions and ideas. I have always been fascinated by human psychology, evolution, connection to nature, and all deepest person's feelings, fears. I am interested in different forms of artistic expression and try to gain a better understanding of how art affects people and constantly experimenting to find the most appropriate way to express myself. 

If we look at my artistic activity - so far it's more closed, personal (maybe because i always put some peace of myself in works and it feels to personal), I'm self-taught artist, my field of study was medicine (nursing), microbiology and biotechnology (master). Only in 2017  March 8 was my first exhibition of my painting which was exhibited at the Vilnius City Hall at joint exhibition, and this year (June 10, 2019) some works were exhibited at Kitsch Gallery, Vilnius.