Dressed Up

Technique: Acrylic on canvas
Dimensions: 30x40 cm
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More about this artwork

The painting portrays an expansive field teeming with wildflowers, set under a spacious sky. The foreground is a rich tapestry of colors, predominantly yellows, whites, and hints of purple, seemingly swayed by a gentle breeze. The strokes used are broad and loose, suggesting movement and the lushness of untamed nature. In the middle distance, a few sparse trees stand isolated, their forms blurred and indistinct, contributing to the overall impressionistic style. Among them, a particularly vibrant, white-flowered tree captures attention, serving as a visual anchor in the sea of colors. The horizon is met with a soft blue sky, subtly streaked with white, possibly suggesting clouds in a serene, daylit setting. The overall effect is one of wild beauty and tranquility, inviting the viewer to lose themselves in the natural splendor.


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"Brush, canvas and paint are the best friends that help you go where no one has gone before. You give yourself, your thoughts, your dreams to the joy of painting. You immerse yourself in an extraordinary world of colours and sometimes sounds. Everything that touches the soul is reflected in the paintings. I would like everyone who looks at my works to feel a light of peace, joy and hope, even if only for a short time," says the artist about her work.

Indeed, light is at the heart of Rasa's work. She is interested in the way light shimmers in the grasses of the meadows, in the surface of the breaking waves. It is no coincidence that all of her works are serene and bright. The blue of the sky with the greenery of nature and the yellow of the sun in the paintings create an impression of freshness. As the artist tries to capture the play, flicker and shimmer of light, the landscapes often veer into abstraction.