Silent happiness

Technique: Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 100x70 cm

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The painting depicts a serene and picturesque landscape, featuring a woman dressed in an elegant, floor-length floral gown standing under the shade of a large tree. Her gown, rich in shades of deep teal adorned with bright floral motifs, flows gracefully, suggesting a gentle breeze. Her hair, elegantly styled in an intricate updo, reveals the nape of her neck, adding a delicate touch to her poised figure. The woman is gazing towards a distant village perched atop rolling hills, which are lusciously green, possibly indicating the freshness of spring or summer.In the foreground, a pristine white goose stands out against the vibrant green grass. It looks calmly in the same direction as the woman, creating a harmonious scene. The background is marked by a serene body of water that mirrors the hue of a clear sky, while small, lively swatches of lavender fields add a pop of color along the shorelines. Above, birds are captured in mid-flight, enhancing the sense of freedom and expansiveness. This idyllic setting exudes a sense of peaceful contemplation and harmonic existence with nature.


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Painting in the interior

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Inga Stacinskė is a painter by vocation, having acquired the basics of art as a teenager at the Stasys Vainiūnas Art School in Palanga. After spending several years in public communication and politics, she rediscovered painting and chose the path of an artist.

She currently lives and works in Belgium, where she developed her painting skills at the Mestan Tekin art studio.

Inga Stacinska participates in exhibitions and art fairs such as Parcour d'Artistes 2022 in Grez-Doiceau (Belgium), Art Nordic 2022 in Copenhagen, she was invited by a private gallery to hold her first solo exhibition in the province of Namur (Belgium), and she is a member of the international not-for-profit artists' organisation Global Art.

Inga Stacinska's aesthetic approach to the world, her sensitivity to nature and humanity are strongly felt in her works. Man can only fully exist in nature, surrounded by its flora and fauna, then he feels himself. It is interesting that the emotions in each of the artist's paintings are received by viewers very individually - for some, they evoke joy or peace, for others, nostalgia or even sadness.

Recently, Inga has created a series of oil paintings in which textiles and the drapery of historical dresses exhibited in the world's largest museums are embedded in imaginary characters and nature, transporting us to another world filled with colours, scents and birds.

The artist paints in oil, often using the oil glazing technique favoured by the Dutch school in the 15th century, where the painting is painted by applying transparent layers to achieve a transparent and "out of frame" effect.

Inga Stacinskė believes that "art should first catch the eye and then stay in the soul".