Japanese Garden

Technique: Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 40x50 cm
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The painting depicts a vibrant and textured scene that seems to be inspired by the serene and structured nature of a Japanese garden. Central to the composition is a large, dark pagoda-like structure with a distinctively curved, multitiered roof that dominates the upper part of the canvas. The pagoda is set against a sky swirled with hues of blue and white, suggesting a dynamic yet peaceful atmosphere.Surrounding the pagoda is an abundance of floral elements, rendered in a lively impasto technique that gives the blossoms a thick, tactile presence. These flowers, in shades of pink, white, and red, cluster densely around the structure, enhancing the sense of a lush, blooming garden. Below the array of flowers, the scene gracefully transitions into a setting that includes a stylized bridge. This bridge, depicted in broad strokes of white and gray, arches gracefully over what might be a small stream or a garden path, separating the floral upper half from the more earth-toned lower portion of the painting.The lower section of the canvas is filled with patches of greens, yellows, oranges, and purples, suggesting ground cover or other vegetation, possibly a mix of grass, moss, and fallen petals, all rendered with thick, expressive strokes. This area serves as a chromatic and textural contrast to the more structured and cooler-toned bridge and pagoda, emphasizing the organic, untamed aspects of nature typically celebrated in a Japanese garden.Overall, the painting vibrates with color and texture, capturing both the architectural beauty and the natural lushness characteristic of Japanese garden landscapes, all while maintaining a sense of dynamic motion and emotional depth through its vigorous brushwork and vivid color palette.


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I am interested in painting since I was learning at the Kaunas "Aušra" gymnasium, enhanced art class. Especially I was fascinated by opportunity to represented the world, which is around us, through the painting tools - coloring, expressive stroke, texture of paint.