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Technique: Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 40x50 cm
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Here are my oil paintings. I play with light reflections and subtle shades. Realistic painting style highlights the advantages of academic drawing such as warmth, genuineness and nature that please the viewer.

I am delighted to hold the brush in my hands—it seems as if God is then with me. I paint because I want to convey what is inside, what is visible only to the soul: unearthly beauty no man can manage, vibrations of the air, sun rays in the water, the power of the sea, flower whispers, the perfect aesthetics of the human body, and that pure child’s spirit inside of all of us. For a moment, I want to stop the breath of the universe, its absolute harmony, and share it with others. None of us are destined to attain the perfection of the Creator, but we can begin to create.

Having learned to calm the mind through meditation, I see the colors that don’t exist in the artist's palette. The surrounding world then becomes visible at the atomic and molecular level. I then realize how magnificent the universe is, giving the opportunity to become one with all.

My first teacher is the art critic and painter Henrika Savičianskaitė. Knowing her has encouraged me to pick up the brush. I further deepened my knowledge at Antanas Martinaitis Art School with lecturers Andrius Valius, Antanas Obcarskas, and Gražinas Kuprevičienė—among them I felt like I belonged. I studied academic drawing with professors Pranas Griušis, Gintaras Zubris, and Antanas Obcarskas. Since 2012, I have been a member of the Lithuanian Folk Artists’ Union, organized personal exhibitions, and participated in joint artists' exhibitions and competitions.

Lithuanian Folk Artists’ Association Member

Lithuanian Folk Artists’ Association Member

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