Measuring Nike's wings

Technique: Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 80x70 cm

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The painting depicts a figure that exudes a sense of theatrical grandeur and mystique. Dominated by vivid, sweeping strokes of dark and warm hues, the character stands robust and central. Garbed in a flowing gown that gradients from deep grays at the top to a mix of fiery oranges and soothing pastels towards the bottom, the attire hints at a dynamic blend of somberness and vitality.Adorning the figure’s shoulders is a shawl or mantle that appears metallic, resembling a woven patchwork of silvery strands that catch what seems to be the faint illumination from an unseen light source, adding an ethereal glimmer to the overall dim atmosphere.One of the most striking features is the expansive wing, visible on one side, rendered in whites and grays with hints of purple—a stark contrast to the surrounding darker tones. The wing imbues the figure with a surreal and majestic quality, suggesting a blend of fragility and strength.The figure’s face is partially obscured yet marked by a vivid red spot at the mouth, reminiscent of a clown’s nose, which injects a playful, if not melancholic, element into the visage. This, coupled with their slightly tilted head and the obscured eyes under bushy brows, lends a mysterious and introspective aura to the character, as if they are caught in a moment of deep contemplation or resignation.Overall, the painting swirls with motion and emotion; the brushwork is loose and expressive, suggesting movement and a sort of chaotic beauty, drawing the viewer into a moment frozen in time yet brimming with stories untold.


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Painting in the interior

1cm = 14,5cm

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"I was born in Druskininkai. I studied fine and applied art for 14 years at the Druskininkai Art School, Šiauliai University, Faculty of Fine Arts and Master's degree in painting. I have held over 50 group and over 100 solo exhibitions, and have participated in 11 international plein air exhibitions. I belong to the Lithuanian Artists' Union (Individualists) group.

I find themes for my work everywhere: in nature, in life or in a fleeting moment of memories. I often depict interiors and still lifes, human figures. I am interested in mythological and historical themes, dance, as well as social and world current affairs.

I paint what helps me to express thoughts or ideas that emerge from my memory years later. They take a long time to mature and then blossom into the most precious colours," says the artist.

Vilma Vasiliauskaitė's paintings are characterised by pastel colours and muted tones, and some works are so sensitively executed that they give the impression of watercolours, but Vilma paints in oils. Depicting ballerinas and the details of their everyday life, the artist highlights fragments of body movement and dance, and uses brushstrokes to create the impression of movement on canvas.

The artist's account is also rich in more theatrical details of ballet backstage life, and the arrangement of the folds of cloth and the feminine are depicted in a very suggestive way. An important theme in Vilma's work is undoubtedly freedom, which is also suggested by the uplifted wings of the birds and the vigour of the body in dance. There are also nostalgic childhood memories and a philosophical sense of anticipation.

Author of the profile picture - Vilmantas Dambrauskas.

Lithuanian Artists’ Association Member

Lithuanian Artists’ Association Member

This artist was acknowledged by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania

This artist was acknowledged by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania