A fairy tale after sleep No. 19

Technique: Silk screen printing
Dimensions: 50x40 cm
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In the painting, two figures are prominently featured against a striking blue background that appears turbulent and fluid, with drip-like textures cascading downwards. The figure on the left is a young child, seemingly dressed in a light, possibly white top. The child's expression is serene, almost introspective, as they hold a smaller, doll-sized figure in their hands. Contrastingly, the figure on the right takes on a more fantastical appearance, resembling a large humanoid creature with pronounced rabbit-like ears and a dark, possibly furry body. This creature, with its arms resting on its lap, gazes directly forward, projecting an enigmatic presence.Above and around them, feathers float gently through the air, enhancing the dreamlike quality of the scene. The overall setting is sparse, focusing the viewer’s attention on these central characters and the dynamic, expressive backdrop. The use of minimal colors—primarily blues for the background and monochromatic tones for the figures and feathers—adds to the artwork’s surreal and otherworldly atmosphere.


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The current body of artwork includes serigraphy and mixed media which transforms into its own and unique technique. During the creative process I look for new and different ways of visual expression and a wider range of measures forming compositions. Mysterious, logic disobeyed, disregard, or even disavowal of principles of beauty. Through meditative practice I try to access altered states of consciousness which serve to reveal the unconscious realm. For my graphics I try to give new spatial and temporal characteristics, to highlight what's close to subconsciousness, pseudo-reality, perverse imagination and uncertainty. While interpreting the postmodern worldview, elaborating on the paradigm of this aspect I jump to conclusions and use them for my searches, composition and creation of artworks.

Elements from inspirations such as folk art, folklore, fairy-tales, and different patterns combine to call attention to my visual pieces as an alternative reality for today's actuality, which is sick of populism, politics and pseudo-realistic images degenerated by television. It has a slightly different format, dimensions and parameters. I concern myself with integrating the paradoxical consciousness of the seen and unseen words, from something totally mundane, commonplace and, perhaps trite, to unseen, unheard and unimaginable.

As an artist I am interested in finding a unique approach to everyday live and sharing my individual realm with others. That way let me understand the surroundings and everything that's in it differently. I hope that my artworks in some or another way enhance the viewer's way of thinking, consciousness and a way to see and understand what’s around us.


2011-2013 MA Graphic arts, Šiauliai University (LT);

2007 Esasmus/Socratus program, BA Graphic arts, Academy of Humanities and Economics, Lodz (PL);

2004-2008 BA Graphic arts, Šiauliai University (LT).

Artist has held over 15 personal exhibitions and participated in more than 50 group exhibitions in Lithuania, USA, France, Latvia, Estonia, Sweden, Germany, Great Britain, Netherlands, Poland.

Lithuanian Artists’ Association Member

Lithuanian Artists’ Association Member