Tell me, Hera, first wife of mine...

Technique: Etching
Dimensions: 64x63 cm

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The painting shows a powerful male figure with a strong, bearded profile and piercing gaze dominating the right side of the image. His expression is contemplative and intense. Surrounding him, a variety of other forms and figures emerge. On his left side, a woman's face appears, looking upwards with a serene expression, her hair flowing elaborately around her. Her form transitions into a blend of abstract patterns and shapes that suggest a connection to nature or mythological elements. The colors used are primarily in monochromatic shades of black and white with strikingly vibrant splashes of orange and yellow that infuse the composition with a dynamic, almost fiery energy. The background and other elements of the design incorporate intricate line work and a mix of floral or celestial motifs, enhancing the dreamlike and otherworldly atmosphere of the scene.


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Painting in the interior

1cm = 14,5cm

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Indrė Jaskūnienė's work is dominated by reflections on the influence of the classics on us, on how they initially nurture us and give us an understanding of the ideal that we obviously want to strive for. One starts out on one's own path full of hope, but how will one go on? 

"I wanted to raise the question of how we live now and what kind of dialogue we have with the values, the gods, that may still exist somewhere in our subconscious. About the compromises one makes in life. One person passes away, another one comes along, and those fundamental values seem to give him a new test all over again. Will he pass?" - says the artist.

Indrė Jaskūnienė is a member of the Lithuanian Artists' Union. 

Graduated from the Vilnius Academy of Arts with a bachelor's and master's degree in graphic design (print specialty). The works are mainly created by etching technique.

She currently lives and works in Vilnius. 

Has organized three solo exhibitions since 1994, participates in joint exhibitions, the last of which are the following: Book Art Exhibition "Illustration and Book" in Vilnius (2015), 1st Print Biennale India Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi (2018) , postcard exhibition on migration at the Centotto Gallery in Brooklyn (USA) together with the cultural association Officina 15 in Bologna, Italy (2019). 

Another area of ​​the artist's work is book design and illustration. Kronta has created layouts of the following and other books in the publishing house: J. Landsbergytė, Organ Music in Lithuania in the 20th Century. (2008), T. Honderich, Philosophers. Acquaintance with Great Western Thinkers (2008), M. Cvetajeva, Letters to Nowhere. Collection of poems, trans. R. Skučaitė (2008), A. Pogrebnojus, Kitchen Mask Recipes (2008), etc. Illustrated the following books: R. Katiliūtė-Bačiulienė, Moon Touched (Kronta, 2010), S. Siudika, what whispers mosquitoes in the late evenings (Kronta, 2006), G. Bessière, Feather, transl. J. Terleckaitė (Kronta, 2011). Since 2018 he has been leading graphic and illustration educational sessions according to the methodologies of Hervé Tullet, Gek Tessaro.

Lithuanian Artists’ Association Member

Lithuanian Artists’ Association Member

Oil on canvas

70x100 cm