Technique: Mixed technique on paper
Dimensions: 15x15 cm
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The painting portrays a dark, somewhat menacing creature with strong fantastical elements. Composed predominantly of bold, black ink lines, the creature possesses a pronounced elongated snout filled with pointed, sharp teeth and large, hollow eyes that contribute to its eerie appearance. Its body, partially visible, appears to be festooned with layered feathers or scales, suggesting a textural depth and adding an organic feel. Above its head float two abstract forms; both resemble melting frames or windows, dripping ink that mirrors the fluidity and perhaps the volatility of the creature's internal state. These elements, along with the dramatic contrast of black against the white background, create an intense visual experience that borders on the surreal and grotesque. The overall feel of the artwork is one of tension and unease, inviting the viewer to ponder the story or the emotions behind this creature’s existence.


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I live with hundreds of thoughts in my head. Therefore, I have loved drawing since childhood, it has become an activity that helps to calm the storms raging in my head. I work as a graphic designer, so I express my work in various ways and forms on a daily basis. Still, illustration remained my favorite hobby.

My works are filled with strange beings who live in my dreams. I think we all sometimes have dreams that are so scary that we wake up in the middle of the night and still clearly see the scary images. Such nightmares scared me for a while until I finally sat down and started drawing monsters living in my head. It was by drawing them that I tamed them. While these creatures look scary and intimidating, they really can’t do anything bad. If a person learns to tame his demons, he has less and less to fear. Maybe my drawings don’t evoke a sense of coziness, but they encourage me to look the fear in the eye, no matter what form it takes. Understanding that just because it's not "beautiful" or "convenient" doesn't mean there's anything to fear.

I believe there are people who will look at my work and discover demons they are familiar with. The best way to overcome fear is to look at it right in the eye. So I would like others to tame their demons as I did.